HEPPNER, ARON (1865–1938), German rabbi, historian, and archivist. Born in Pleschen, Posen province, Heppner served as rabbi at Koschmin from 1890, also at Jarotschin from 1906, administering both rabbinates until 1920 when Posen became Polish once more. Heppner settled in Breslau, where he continued to act as rabbi and teacher, but also founded and directed the archives of the community (from 1924). His scholarly interest was devoted to local Jewish history, first of his native province and later of Breslau. His main publications, apart from contributions on the history of Jewish families to periodicals and newspapers, were Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Juden und der juedischen Gemeinden in den Posener Landen (with I.J. Herzberg, 1909–29) and Juedische Persoenlichkeiten in und aus Breslau (1931). Between 1900 and 1926 he published a "Jewish-Literary Calendar." -BIBLIOGRAPHY: O. Marcus, A. Heppner (Ger., 1965).

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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